Unique Beer #248 – Weyerbacher Instanity

We return to Weyerbacher with another barleywine, but let’s just throw it in a bourbon barrel to age, shall we? I’m certainly not opposed. Barrel aging makes everything better. I would barrel age Pepsi if I could. The weird thing about these kind of beers is the flavors and aromas you pick up are only present in these types of beers. You don’t really come across them anywhere else in the world, which makes it difficult to describe.

Fun fact, we’re up to Harry getting the memory from Slughorn, and as a huge fan of the books (I’m currently rereading the Half-Blood Prince book), I must say the story about Lily and the fish is a beautiful addition to the story. There are several changes in this movie that actually improve on things, which is more than hardly any of the other movies can say. There are also some things I think were changed for the worse, but I can forgive those.

This beer is just fantastic. I think it’ll get a 4.5-star rating from me.

It smells like a keychain that’s been dipped in Insanity!
-Alex Steadman

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Published on: 28 June 2014
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