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Sunset with Cows Breakdown – Part 3

In the previous two posts, I covered shooting and tone mapping the 36 exposures that make up my now not-so-recently posted landscape. In this post, I’ll breakdown the stitching (the easy part), fixing, and final cleanup, including moving some cows and the final color correction pass in Lightroom. I’d like to note that I didn’t actually […]

Published on: 7 April 2016
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Sunset with Cows Breakdown – Part 2

Organization The day of May 25, 2015 resulted in 304 exposures on my 60D. I ingested these all and promptly let them sit until August, as a good little procrastinator. I personally use Adobe Lightroom, and if you don’t use something similar for organizing your RAW images, I don’t understand how you live, man. To the […]

Published on: 28 August 2015
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Sunset with Cows Breakdown – Part 1

The post I put up the last night about my latest landscape was simply copied and pasted from my Facebook post that ran a little long. But some folks have expressed interest in wanting to hear in more detail how I went about creating it. So here we go… The Shoot The first and most important […]

Published on: 26 August 2015
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