Sunset with Cows

I took this back on May 25, just west of Norfolk. I’ve often been frustrated with landscapes, always failing to capture the scale the way I perceived it for real. So I had a theory. Since a 50mm focal length is roughly the focal length of the human eye, maybe patching together a panorama with images taken at 50mm would preserve the perceived depth between objects. But of course I can’t just stop there. A proper landscape must be shot as an HDR, because I’m a masochist like that.

This image is comprised of 39 separate RAW images. It’s essentially two rows of six images across, with each image being comprised of 3 exposures. “But Nate,” you may ask, “isn’t that only 36 images?” Why yes indeed, you scholar, you. The upper left corner fell victim to such hideous artifacting that I had to rebuild it from a completely separate HDR shot taken that day. And while we’re spilling secrets, those cows weren’t there. Well, I mean they weren’t right THERE. I captured them in the panorama, but the other shots didn’t go low enough, so I had to move them up onto the hill, into different lighting, which was great fun (no, seriously, I like doing stuff like that).

So I’m not sure whether my 50mm theory really worked or not. I do like the clarity that it gave me. What I’m quite pleased about was that I was able to capture the essence of what I saw that evening, which was the sun peaking through the clouds and illuminating the landscape in various patches whilst leaving foreground trees in shadow. It was truly a sight to behold from my vantage point atop my Rodeo. And I hope you can get a sense of it from this.

Oh! And the final resolution of this is 18,522 x 4,899. That’s roughly 21.5′ x 5.6′ (yes, feet) if one were to print it at full resolution. So you know, if you want a print, you can be pretty sure whatever SmugMug offers will be quite adequate. (cropping may be required) 😉

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Published on: 26 August 2015
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