Nathaniel Caauwe


Worked in TV and film for several years specializing in rotoscoping and paint, eventually leading into stereoscopic conversions, where I have completed roto for dimensionalization as well as final paint cleanup. Meanwhile I continue to further my compositing and general filmmaking skills, creating personal projects on a regular basis.


Roto / Paint / Compositing, Freelance; Norfolk, NE — 2008-Present

Worked off and on for a number of clients performing roto, paint and general 2D visual effects work. Projects have been done remotely as well as in-house and have spanned across commercials, music videos, and feature films.


Roto Lead, The Base Studio; Foster City, CA — 2011

At The Base, I acted as a roto lead on the 3D conversions of Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Smurfs. Simultaneously, I worked on a number of commercials where I completed paint and compositing, and did a small amount of final paint on a set extension sequence for Captain America. My daily duties called for ensuring quality control across the department and filling in as roto supervisor when necessary.

Roto Senior Artisan, Pixel Corps; San Francisco, CA (Remote) — 2007-2008

I started as a junior roto artisan on the compositing team, where we completed production work on several small films as well as a number of podcasts and a TV show for PBS Kids. Within my time on the team, I moved up to senior artisan where I led a small group of three artists and met weekly with the team leader and other seniors.

Videographer & Editor, Digital Solutions; Norfolk, NE — 2006-2008

I began full-time as an editor, putting together creative pieces for weddings, and later began to help shoot as well. Being on both ends helped tremendously in learning how to shoot for an edit, as well as helping make shoots more efficient as I noticed what types of clips were and were not used. I eventually began moving into visual effects more, and my full-time work ended after about two years. However, as of 2015, I still help shoot occasional weddings and perform on-site editing.

Production Assistant, Media Production Group; Norfolk, NE — 2006-2007

While in high school I assisted on various shoots, from dance recitals to corporate videos and special events, where I acquired valuable everyday production and even Steadicam experience.


  • Norfolk Senior High; Norfolk, NE — High School Diploma, 2006
  • Self-taught in visual effects and filmmaking.


  • Compositing experience, including multipass CG compositing and 3D Nuke setups.
  • General roto experience from everyday requirements to intricate and detailed crowds, hair, etc.
  • Stereo roto experience requiring breaking down objects based on depth and animating the offset for each layer according to how the plate was shot.
  • Stereo conversion roto – Well-versed in breaking down objects for most effective use in the dimensionalization process.
  • Paint experience using clean plating, patchwork and frame-by-frame cloning. Have also refined my skills over the years by creating freehand photo-real portraits in Photoshop.
  • Editing experience, including narrative, documentary-style and creative editing. Proficient in Final Cut Pro (prior to X) and Adobe Premiere Pro.


  • Nuke
  • Silhouette
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Mocha
  • Premiere Pro
  • Shake

Referrals (Please contact me for contact information)

Alex Jeffery — Bespoke Works, LLC
Evan Langley — Langley Post & Digital Domain
Ryan Wieber — FuseFX
Nathanael Tacey – KSNT Channel 27
Jerry Nemec — Digital Solutions