Alex vs Nate 2

Alex vs Nate 2 was in our minds as far back as 2009. Over the years, it fell victim to busy schedules and Alex’s and my inability to be in the same country at the same time, let alone the same city. When we were, it was to shoot more pressing projects. In the summer of 2013, we suddenly found ourselves choreographing and launching into a very involved production that unfortunately saw several compromises, form the original vision to last minute location changes.

Ultimately, we ended up using the same location from the first since it was the only thing available to use on such a short notice. We had actually wanted to shoot the first film at night, but our equipment at the time didn’t make this a viable option. Shooting on the RED Scarlet with T/1.5 lenses allowed us to capture a look we always wanted from the beginning.

Below are a couple of concept pieces from our original location, prior to being denied access the day we were scheduled to shoot. More behind-the-scenes content is gradually being worked on, so this page will be updated. And of course, keep a lookout for Ryan vs Nate!