Ahoy! In case you’ve stumbled in here, lost and confused, my name’s Nathaniel Caauwe and this is some stuff I’m not embarrassed to show. My creative endeavors have gone from music (violin for eight years, still play a little now) to traditional art, digital art, photography, filmmaking, visual effects, and web design and development.

I worked in the visual effects industry for a number of years, specializing in roto and paint work. For two years, I shifted to web design and development at a local marketing firm, but found myself missing VFX work. In December of 2015, I resumed freelance visual effects work as my primary source of income, this time as a compositor. It’s been an interesting journey integrating my brief development experience into my VFX work, and I haven’t been happier working on a variety of film and TV projects.

Anywho, feel free to poke around. I have some artwork, behind the scenes on some of my films, a repository of my videos, and a photography gallery. Enjoy!

Featured Projects


Artwork, Paper by 53, Sketch

Brothers’ Quarrel – LCC Version

Lightsabers, Video

Nowear BYOB Round 3 – E-Cow Ramps

BMX, Video

Cyrah Eve

Artwork, Painting

Dan Nielsen Tailwhip Sequence

Photo Manipulation

Alex vs Nate 2

Alex vs Nate, Lightsabers, Video

Floating Lights

Photo Manipulation

Demo Reel

VFX, Video

Duel of the Dorks

Duel of the Dorks, Lightsabers, Shorts, Video