Ahoy! Welcome to my newly-designed site. In case you’ve stumbled in here, lost and confused, my name’s Nathaniel Caauwe and this is some stuff I’m not embarrassed to show. My creative endeavors have gone from music (violin for eight years, still play a little now) to traditional art, digital art, photography, filmmaking, visual effects, and as of recently, web design and development, with aims to develop a few nifty mobile apps I think people will like. Most people know me as a visual effects artist, and although I no doubt still enjoy doing such things, it is no longer my job. It took about a year, but I have successfully found myself employed outside the industry (those in the industry will understand why).

As I alluded to, I now work as a web designer at a printing/marketing/web hosting/design firm that caters largely to photographers nationwide. I’ve been enjoying it immensely these past few months, and am encouraged to spend downtime learning whatever I want; thus I’ve been pouring over programming lessons. I might blog about the experience along the way. Who knows… in the meantime, feel free to poke around. I’ve consolidated some of my accounts (like tumblr and deviantArt)  so most of it lives in one place. My photography is still at SmugMug though; it looks nice enough over there and prints are for sale. Just sayin’…

Featured Projects

Cyrah Eve

Artwork, Painting

Core Differences

Lightsabers, Video

Alex vs Nate 2

Alex vs Nate, Lightsabers, Video

Floating Lights


Demo Reel

VFX, Video

Duel of the Dorks

Duel of the Dorks, Lightsabers, Shorts, Video